Marc Storace Solo ( Vol I.)

Marc Storace

In 1999 I started the song writing co-operation with Marc Storace.

All began with a song  I wrote for the Mystery Park ( Interlaken, Switzerland)  which was a huge project initiated by the legendary Erich von Däniken him self.

This monster project meant to show all mysteries on and outside this planet.
In 1999 they were looking for a trailer song for this project. So I was one of the guys who wrote a song for Mystery Park.

From the first moment on , I was sure, there was only one singer I knew personaly , who should be able to represent this song.  ...  MARC STORACE.  As Stage Hand and Guitar Tech. of Vic Vergeat I was on tour with  “Storace & Vergeat”  where I met Marc.

So I contacted Marc to ask if would like to sing "Mystery Park" . We met in my Studio ( Digital ART Studio, Basel, Switzerland) .
From the very first moment  he liked this song very much and so we started immediately to record the vocal tracks.  In the end we didn’t succeed … in this specific project. But it was the beginning of the songwriter co-operation with Marc and on top the beginning of a very great friendship.

In 2000 me and Marc spend allot time in my studio. We wrote songs like «working horses».
Most part we wrote one song in one night. Marc brought his collection of lyrics.  He took a piece of paper out of his bag and started to read (or to sing)  his hand written lyrics while clapping a beat on his knee .. and I instantly tried to follow his ideas by playing a riff or chords on my guitar.  Another 5 Minutes to fix a drum beat and a basic Bass Line, another hour or two to record the first pilot tracks of a brand new song. … That was the way we worked.  

Most part it took us just one evening or night to fix a new song . And we were thrilled about the creativity and inspiration that was from the very first moment on … and about how fast we were getting forward … it was magic.   Sometimes we fixed two new songs in just one night.

One may have to understand, that in 2000 the studio tools to support song writing (like virtual drummer and such) were not at the level like compared today.

2002 we settled a band and started to do shows .
2004 Marc decided to go back to his band “KROKUS” where he had his biggest success before. Marc promised to keep this project ( Marc Storace Solo) alive.
2008 , KROKUS gathered around all original members from the 80ties to create a reunion.
and so , Krokus became famous and successful again.
... and every thing went in different ways ...

2021 : Marc Storace announced the release of his first solo album by end of 2021.
         A few songs we wrote during 2000 – 2004 you’ll this CD  … hopefully . 
          I wish all the best to Marc and his ongoing career.         


Beside: In 2001 Marc asked me to enter his acoustical project “Acoustical Mountain”.
I couldn’t resist.  Since 2001 we did many shows al around Switzerland and Germany and one show in Marcs “homeland” Malta.

Markus Stefani ( Bass / Bc Vox ) / Chriss Egger ( Git / Keys / Bc Vox)

Pädu Ziswiler

Chris Specker ( Drum)

my guitar tech and mate Chris Furrer @ work ... these days responsable for my web site ;-)

Hungry after show time (back stage)