History Points

Born: March , 8.1962  in Basel (Switzerland)

At the age of 10 I discovered my fascination to guitars; triggered by  "Deep Purple in Rock"
…. to be precise : it was the song Child in Tme
…. to be precise : it was Ritchie Blackmores guitar solo ;-)

Seemt , a guitar must be the ultimate platform for creativity
... on top;  due to sound and loudness  nobody ever would be able to dodge  ;-)  .. 


First guitar lessons (group lesson) ; Folk Music.  Quit after six month ( wasn't effective enough; and I didn't want to play "Folk")


+/- 5  Individual Trainings  by at a local famous guy (Erik Flückiger)  well known as exceptional talent.
Afterwards: autoditact : I tried to play every of my favorite songs I owned on vynil.
Deep Purple / Uriah Heep / Statuos Quo / Ted Nugent / U.F.O. ( Schenker)  and many more


I joined the band "TURNING WHEELS" .  Style Blues-Rock.
Those quys all were at least 10 years older then me and were already well experienced.

  -  Live Gigs ( legendary "ATLANTIS" Club Basel, Switzerland)
  -  Jam Sessions all over in town


Fist Studio Session: recording of double single @the legendary Sinus Studio in Bern ( Switzerland ) .
In the years to come, several local bands


Studio session with my band "Dr, Koke".

@ Blackwood Recording Studio, Basel (Switzerland) :

Recording four songs.  two of them to be released as single. 


My band "Dr. Koke" won a local contest ( 2nd place).
Due to this, one of Dr. Kokes songs was recorded and released on a LP  ( „Basle Collection 1985“)


Quit Dr. KOKE

In the years to come , several bands 


Intensive self study:   music theory and practicing "like hell" 

>> Start of my carrier as a session guitarist  <<


On tour as "Guitar Tech“ for Vic Vergat, I met Marc Storace for the first time.
Marc was already famous as lead singer of switzerlands biggest rock band Krokus.
At that time, Marc was lead singer of "Vergeat & Storace" .


Record deal with my band „Heimweh“.

1998 - 2004 : two music album and three singles were produced and released.
  - Five songs were in the "A rotation" of Swiss Radio DRS2.
  - Three songs were in "A rotation" of Radio Seefunk ( Germany) .

Several shows and interviews ( Radion / TV) .


Start songwriting mit Marc Storace   for his solo carrier as "Marc Storace" .
In one year we wrote 'bout 20 Songs .
Several live shows with "Marc Storace and Band"


I joined Marc Storaces  unplugged Band (Trio)  „Acoustical Mountain“ where I met Claudio Matteo ,
well known as guitarist of the Swiss Rock Band "CHINA" .


Songwriting for the Rock Band KROKUS.
Out of  300 songs , three of the songs I wrothe together with Marc Storace were elected .
The song "Justice" was produced on the bands next Album "Hellraiser".

Due to change of the bands strategie , the other two songs were not released.


Gold Award for "Justice" ( KROKUS - Hellraiser)


The next years to come :  several studio jobs, songwriting projects, live shows with my bands and as "side man"


Several BOSE-Shows  (national) . 
Introduction and demonstration of the BOSE L1 System  including a live demo with live band.


Project „ELEVEN“ .
From march until September 2016 , we wrote about 30 songs.
In 2017 we started to produce the songs.
Dec , 2019 , Rolf Jungen ( lead singer ) quit the project.

2018 - ..

Start Songwriting together with Joesephine Pee (Leadsinger and "Frontwoman"  of the  TINA TURNER TRIBUTE Show) 


I was asked to enter the Frank Zappa Cover Band  FIDO  


Several Live Shows with Oli Blessinger Band


Few Shows with the Johnny Cash Cover Band MORE CASH (due to a broken arm of guitarist David Hohl )


I was asked by the  iP-DogZ  to join the band .